Friday, 5 February 2010

Friends of Northampton Genereal Hospital: Merchandiser

This month is going to be really hectic! Organising a Fashion Show at Uni and im also going to be a sytlist..whoop whoop! Dressing the models, deciding what their hair and makeup is going to look like. Castings on Wednesday 17th and Thursday the 18th...Can't wait to see the models and pick out the best ones. 18th MARCH - DAY OF FASHION SHOW at MO MO's Night Club!! SCREAMS! Me and the group have got a lot of planning to do.

OK, so i went to visit this charity shop on Wednesday the 3rd and I am going to be the Merchandiser for that charity shop! WHOOP WHOOP! I can't wait to begin and see the outcome of it. Will update you wil some pics when that its done! :D.. I love helping people. =]

Few minutes after speaking to the manager of the store, I saw this really cute vinatge looking bag for only £2....someone scream BARGIN!! I left feeling proud of

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