Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lets talk music

Thursday was a fun day down in London, even though me and my gay self didn't open up as much as I should have (Kmt) but we met the Marvell Boys, who I must say are hilarous. I was the presenter's stylist for the day, Laura aka Lamie who did an amazing job and looked fantastic, as usual, peep my crappy pictures below.

Me and my cow foot

On set with the Marvell Boys

Mic Check

Mic Check: Laura being a douche (LOL)

Stay tuned...
Oh and here is my favorite song of the Marvell Boys


Let me drown my sorrows away and blog!

Right guys, so I'm sitting there, waiting for 00.00am to strike so I would check my balance online because it was meant to be pay day. Now I'm sitting there, patiently waiting, only to be told Payday was on FRIDAY which means I DIDN'T GET PAID! Now that's messed up mood and I'm UPSET so I've decided to blog.

Here are my wedges collection and they seem to be growing monthly. 9 pairs and still counting, I've just ordered another pair in grey (eBay and I are best friends at the moment).

1st row: Oasis, Primark, eBay
2nd row: eBay, H&M, eBay
3rd row: eBay, New Look, Topshop

Sorry guys, I cant remember individual prices for most of them


Friday, 15 April 2011

Colour blocking: S/S Trend ALERT! ♥

This is a trend I should have mention a month back, but my lazy ass wouldn't let me blog.
So here is it, this S/S11 , COLOUR BLOCKING is a MUST. Jazz it up and make it YOU, it doesn't have to be exactly how it is seen on the catwalk.

REMEMBER: Don't loose yourself trying to follow fashion.

Prada 2011

Vassilios Kostetsos 2011

Jessika2 2011

What Are You Wearing? ♥

Jumper: H&M £7.99
American Apparel Riding Pants: Ebay £45
Wedges: Ebay £20
Socks: Might have stolen it from little sis
Bag: Charity shop £2.99


Outfit building ♥

Bodice: Topshop
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Warehouse
Wedges: JC

Paired with some knee high socks.

Shave it all off!

I's so tempted to chop off my sides.. Something i've been wanting to do for a while now but fear will not let me lol. *God give me the courage*...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I ❤ Tattoos'

I don't know what it is about tattoo's but I am getting more and more obsessed with them. *sighsssss*