Saturday, 22 June 2013


Evening Ladies,
& Gents?

Hope you're all well birds. It is a gloomy and rainy day in London - nothing new.

I was invited to a BBQ last week Saturday. It was nothing but good vibes, great music and amazing food. I, hands down, did not want to leave. 

This is totally irrelevant to the BBQ but i just have to point it out. I'm really having difficulties understanding this annoying bipolar british ass weather. Are we not in June? Is July not round the corner? Where is the sun? Why does it rain constantly? Why do I still need to wear a damn coat in June???


Okay, back to the BBQ. As you might have all noticed, I have an obsession with white, and so picking this outfit (Linen off-white suit) was a piece of cake. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell in love. I decided to pair it up with a basic jersey grey-ish top and a chunky necklace to add a bit of excitement to it. Teamed it up with my all time fav pair of topshop heels and my transparant clutch. Although I ended up chucking my white converses on because my heels kept sinking into the grass. ha

Well, Peace & Love.

-Lola Styles

 The moment a bee tried to chase me! 


  1. cute outfit, by the way your makeup is perfection you should do a tutorial!

    The Eye

  2. Chick I would totally raid your closet if I get a chance. WAT!!! this look is badass. Love it!

  3. what lipstick r u wearing love...could you please answer in your next blog post if you dont mind?

  4. This i such a fab look....I love your makeup..x

  5. You look AMAZING! You are totally rocking that hair cut. Where is that suit from?

  6. amazing outfit you look great!!!

  7. You look phenomenal! your look is KILLER with short hair than weaves! Lovely outfit as always

    xoxo Debby

  8. Ma'am you are working that hair and that make up! I want my hair like that I'm always trying to switch up and copy someone hahaha But seriously make up tutorial would be great at least for the eye part.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! x

  10. Funny! the pictures we don't plan (i.e the bee pic) is the ones that look the best! Love this hair on you BTW