Friday, 24 June 2011


Life at University of Northampton is coming to an end *tear drop*. Me and a friend after many years of procrastination finally went to chat over cocktails (I am learning how to handle alcohol now lol)

I have to say, The Laura above all of the other cocktails.

Oh and I am graduating, officially. I got my final 3rd year grades today, bring on the work world! WHOOP!

Sheer skirt: £10.99
Bandeau: £2.99
Clutch: ASOS
Faux Fur: New Look, £15
Peace & Cross chain: eBay

Wasn't a fan of this, had cinnamon in it, ergh


Reggae Rum Punch

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Beware of eBay sellers!

As you all know and if you don't know now you know, I am all about peace, love, unity (LOL). Anyway, I am majorly all about the peace symbol at the minute and so I ordered a chain I saw on eBay that caught my eye.

Now, the picture that was shown by the eBay seller of this chain was HUGE, even though it did have its measurements (who looks at that anyway, shrugs) but I still went ahead and bought it.

Now please tell me how this picture below:

Looks like this? *Throws tantrum*

I went ahead and purchased another one, bigger this time but I really hate the silver chain and so I did a little DIY and taaa-daaa!!!!!

Voila :)
Creativity is in the eye of the beholder

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Friday, 17 June 2011

Longing For!

They are finally here guys!!! I've been waiting for them foreverrrrr! Great model! Amazing pieces!!!

I can't tell you how amazing it was working with these pieces and planning what the whole look should be, hair and make-up and of course, the styling but here are the shots!

Enjoy! :)


Stylist: Myself
Designer: Arsida
Photographer: Micheal SD
MUA: Michelle Court
Hairstylist: Can't remember :(

Smooches ✗❍✗❍


I finally bought myself a Nikon... **EXCITED**
Now I can take pictures, all day, all night long && most importantly, upload quality pictures on here for you guys :)

I'm bad

My Art Masterpiece (Final college project)

A growing collection

This novel is everything!

*Can I see your grills* :)

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Topshop Bargain!

I purchased these bad boys the other day and it arrived yesterday! WHOOOOTY DOOO! I nearly cried as I thought I had lost the bid, I mean how can I, queen of eBay lol.

I won these gorgeous pair of Topshop Loder Wooden Platforms for £35.90

Pair with a sheer maxi dress or some casual denim shorts/jeans with a loose tee/shirt, minimal accessories and a huge clutch.

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I do love Vintage

My bargain find got me all excited. These Levi' babies were only £10 from a Vintage shop called Scrooge in Northampton. The owner of the shop was however quite rude and so I was planning to break her shop down and rob EVERYTHING!

But trust me guys, once you enter that shop, it is almost impossible to leave :(
It's like heaven in there.

Bag: Red Herring
Shoes: Converse
Jeans: Scrooge, Vintage Shop
Bandeau: eBay

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Failed attempt - Trying to be creative (LoL)

So the other day I was feeling very creative and decided to order some fabric paint to see the wonders I could create. Yesterday, it arrived and I was very excited to do something with it so I digged out one of my old Tee's and ruined it :(

But there was still hope, so I cut off the sleeves, it still looked horrid lol, then I decided to cut it into a crop top and VIOLA! Peep the outcome below :)

I'm getting there. Soon I will be a pro, *shrugs*

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lights, Camera, STYLE!

Back in Early January, I had the privilege to work with a designer by the name of Arsida Smajli who has had her work featured in the likes of Italian Vogue and I-D Magazine to Noise and Volt Magazine. It was an amazing experience as she trusted me to deal with these fantastic pieces as she wasn't there during the day of the shoot.

I had come up with the styling concept as well as what I wanted hair and makeup to look like and the shoot went ABSOLUTELY GREAT. The model Rui Liu also did an amazing job, her movements kept me up on my feet, as of directing the model, I was crap lol, so I left that up to her, the photographer and his assistant.

Still awaiting the final images, I can't wait.


Stylist: Myself
Designer: Arsida
Photographer: Micheal SD
MUA: Michelle Court
Hairstylist: Can't remember :(

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

Friday, 3 June 2011


It has been a while since I've blogged but hopefully, I am here to stay for good lol

Now guys, these boots had sold out in store and everywhere else as they were in the sale for £30 and all the fashion scavengers beat me to it but I managed to find and win these bad boys on eBay for only £32 *SCREAMS* I was over the moon as I had been fighting my way to win it.

Topshop attitude boots: Was: £90, Now £30 but its sold out in store.
If you are a size 3, hurry, they have got the Tan ones online at for £30.

Smooches ✗❍✗❍