Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lights, Camera, STYLE!

Back in Early January, I had the privilege to work with a designer by the name of Arsida Smajli who has had her work featured in the likes of Italian Vogue and I-D Magazine to Noise and Volt Magazine. It was an amazing experience as she trusted me to deal with these fantastic pieces as she wasn't there during the day of the shoot.

I had come up with the styling concept as well as what I wanted hair and makeup to look like and the shoot went ABSOLUTELY GREAT. The model Rui Liu also did an amazing job, her movements kept me up on my feet, as of directing the model, I was crap lol, so I left that up to her, the photographer and his assistant.

Still awaiting the final images, I can't wait.


Stylist: Myself
Designer: Arsida
Photographer: Micheal SD
MUA: Michelle Court
Hairstylist: Can't remember :(

Smooches ✗❍✗❍

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