Thursday, 14 April 2011

I ❤ Tattoos'

I don't know what it is about tattoo's but I am getting more and more obsessed with them. *sighsssss*


  1. I like tats too have you seen this website?

    I personally would like some writing on my wrist or a feather what about you?

  2. I used to hate tattoos all over a guy, but now I love it..but I think it's becoming too much of a trend, and people aren't getting them for the right reasons, just to 'be in fashion' but not realising its a long term choice...

    I love whole sleeves, esp Chris Brown's ones..

  3. Jess that website link = YES! love it... very inspirational

    I was also thinking a heart shape on my wrist just by the corner and on my marriage finger and the peace sign by my rib cage. Still confused though, need to think about it deeper because like Rachy said, it needs to something I would look back on and not regret, not for the sake of fashion.

    I do love sleeve tatts R

    Following both blogs now :) xoxo