Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let me drown my sorrows away and blog!

Right guys, so I'm sitting there, waiting for 00.00am to strike so I would check my balance online because it was meant to be pay day. Now I'm sitting there, patiently waiting, only to be told Payday was on FRIDAY which means I DIDN'T GET PAID! Now that's messed up mood and I'm UPSET so I've decided to blog.

Here are my wedges collection and they seem to be growing monthly. 9 pairs and still counting, I've just ordered another pair in grey (eBay and I are best friends at the moment).

1st row: Oasis, Primark, eBay
2nd row: eBay, H&M, eBay
3rd row: eBay, New Look, Topshop

Sorry guys, I cant remember individual prices for most of them



  1. Can you put a link for the e bay seller you bought your wedges from please. I love your style it is fierce!

  2. Thank you hunny. Those are links for both the leopard print ones and the black laced up ones. Can't seem to find the other ones xo

  3. Oh that's cool thanks for the links :) I really wanted the first one on the right. The black lace ups with metal heel. Those look so edgy!