Saturday, 16 June 2012

It is never summer in London... Sugarlips "Never Fails" Top

Hey gorgeous readers,

Hope you've all had a wonderful week. (Thank God it is the weekend).
Oh. & I am back to a full fringe - Whoop, Whoop!

I just wanted to share with you guys this lovely versatile top I got from Sugarlips. Not only is it super comfy, you can also pair it with practically anything from jeans to shorts to even a maxi skirt.

...I however decided to pair them with my American Apparel Riding Pants & a pair of comfy wedges from Miss Selfridge. Why? Because my mood was as crappy as London's weather. Teamed it with a yellow metal front belt also from Miss Selfridge and a fringe detailed bag.

Top: Courtesy of Sugarlips
Bottoms: American Apparel Riding Pants
Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Wedges: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Unknown


  1. Beautiful outfit..d Top is just everything xx

  2. love it , you look great xoxo

  3. Yesss! Geddit girl! Love the hair and the clothes! :)
    xoxo Sade

  4. very cute
    love it


  5. nice!!
    love the different textures going on.

    J x

  6. awesome look like always

  7. Cute look. Love that fringe bag.

  8. OMG we have the same bag, I just did a post today with it :-)

    Got mine from eBay

    LOVE your jewellery

    lol@ blog title btw! so true!

  9. Looking good babes.

    I need to check out the Sugarlips store, might just have a few goodies that can be bookmarked for Payday

    Epiphannie A: Beauty, Fashion and a lot of Rambling