Monday, 31 May 2010

Russian Vogue .. May Issue 2010

I know im sort of late, its like towards the end of the month and i'm only posting these now but I think these shots are amazing. The model looks gorgeous and she is working the clothes. Love Love Love!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Heidi and New Identity


Heidi as you have never seen before...

To me this is absurd..
I was in total shock whilst watching the new season.. She went under the knife 10 times in one day to get a brand new image.
The surgeries included a second nose job, a back shaping job, a chin reduction, a breast augmentation, eyebrow lift and neck liposuction, to name but a few.

I find it quite disturbing. Such a naturally beautiful young lady who I adored has changed her image completely into someone almost unrecognisable.

And she states, that she wants bigger breasts! Heidi, give it a rest.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Off To Work

So, on Sat 1st April, the beautful Esther and I teamed up with photographer Ohiseme Bunmi-Zion Oz and began doing what we do best, Styling. I liked the whole idea of a boob tube and harem trousers which was why I decided we put this look together and she ROCKED it. Thumbs up Esther!

Shoot with the gorgeous Laura and Rio

A couple of weeks back, I was involved in a shoot with model, Laura and Rio Above the Peak Photographer and it was such an amazing experience. Even though we were on the grass about 2hrs straight and it made my heyfever worse, I would definately do it again.